october 31, 2017 and other observations

not bad for taking a deep breath, bracing the camera against a post and praying for the best!


the round building to the right is an apartment complex designed after the lucky lager beer can, so the story goes.  lucky was once brewed here in vancouver.

aaaaaaaa, sunset along the columbia river colorful, photogenic, inspiring.

by the way no martians where discovered.




4 responses to “october 31, 2017 and other observations”

  1. The sunset and images did not fail to impress!!


    1. Glad you enjoyed, thank you stopping by.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. glad you like and thank you for stopping by. most of my shots are found that is i strap on a comfortable pair of walking shoes throw the camera over the shoulder and go long walks. usually i come back with something good.


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