bungee chair and i

parked atop a fresh mound of redwood chips, breathe in the gathering scent (cough, cough the air is heavy with smoke from grassfires east of here) homemade sandwhich in hand, work day complete, I am in a favorite spot. looking out over the tall , dried brown grass private planes lift off the ground in powered flight beauty, some land with a couple bounces coming to stop with plenty room.

I am nirvanaed.

recently, while doing inventory on a merchandising job for a major office supplier I passed through the furniture section and stopped dead in my tracks for there in the middle of the floor looking as though it were trying to blend in and hide, a spade shaped chair.  intrigued I walk over and sit, hhhmmm comfortable I stand up and it conforms right back to the old spade looking object, the chair is made of bungee cord like material.  further inspection reveals it is collapsible thus adoptable to various uses.  hhhhmmm, the ol’ hand rubs the chin (oops forgot to shave this morning) this is a perfect fit for writing cozy, can take anywhere, lightweight, will wed nicely with the steering wheel table I have for writing whilst parked in a park.

the spade shaped bungee chair


so back to that delicious sandwich and mound of redwood and hazy smoke laden air.  after completing a four mile walk today in temperatures hover-boarding around 95 degrees, sweating I retrieve the bungee chair from the scion set it up and fall into with a big aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

knocking back a pint of water I tear incisors into wheat bread, ham, delicious walla walla sweet onions, peperoncini  fall into my lap. the chair I rest upon, the sweeping panorama of private planes, browned grass, air clogged with smoke, the hum of a nearby highway, a freight train squeaking its way along steel rail does it get better?

sandwich complete and now working on a second bottle of h2o I bring out the steering wheel desk, (a flat, sturdy piece of plywood that goes over the steering wheel to make a working desktop), place it and my laptop on ye ol’ lap and begin working on a writing project, once complete, will be sent off in hopes of winning a contest.

here is a technological device I wish to have stumble on a long time ago in that galaxy far away. well now that it is mine…





By jimberly

I enjoy photography, writing, walking, nature, reading, and of course the coooolest game on earth HOCKEY! I took up photography in 9th grade and seeing the world in a different light wanting to, of course, photograph everything, unfortunately not everything comes out the way I'd like.


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