Vacation Interruptous

Not panicked Max finds the interurban trolley in Portland, Oregon that bears his name M.A.X. (but to his dismay stands for Metropolitan Area Express) has been hijacked by those fiends of Anarchy, his arch enemy.  Why?

passengers disembarking m.a.x. in portalnd, oregon

Max is enjoying vacation time in the Pacific Northwest with companion and fellow agent Alvida when Chief called, “Max I’ve got some bad news your country needs you ANARCHY has confiscated the blueprint for a battery that never has to be recharged.”

Max feeling the urgency, ” Hold on a second chief the bad news is my country needs me then let me guess that the good news is plans have been stolen.”

Chief becomes confused and irritated always keeping bi-carbonated soda handy when talking to Max, “What, wait, no.  Your country needs you as ANARCHY intends to tinker with the battery layout.  Do you know shat that means, eh?”

Max, distracted by agent Alivada’s blonde hair and blue eyes begs Chief’s pardon, “Sorry Chief something got in my eye, what were you saying.”

Chugging eight ounces of bicarbonate and water Chief pauses then repeats, “Those fiends at ANARCHY have stolen plans for the ‘Never loose charge battery or Nevooseargeery for short. Max this means they can build, install them in vehicles of combat or, whatever.  The country that possesses those plans could go on and on and on forever crushing all that stand in their way!”

Max, with eyes fixated on agent Alvida, “So that is why they hijacked M.A.X.”

Chief again confused eyeing the bicarbonate, “What are you talking about Max?”

“Sorry Chief M.A.X. stands for Metropolitan Area Express.”

Running a hand through his thinning hair Chief’s voice crackles, “You do?”

“The city of Portland has a system of modern interurban called, coincidentally, MAX and ANARCHY hijacked one,” explains Max.

Chief, head of Madness Management the government agency Max draws a paycheck minus SSI and medical benefits, “Stop them Max!”  

“Right chief!  Ah Chief?”

“Yes Max?”

Stop the Metropolitan Area Express or the bad guys?”

“Mmmaaaxxx,” Chief bellows whilst mixing more bicarbonate soda and water

“I’m on it chief!”

Across the table from Max Alivda takes a bit of the Cedar Plank Salmon, her eyes roll in delight, the warmth of the sun on her skin accents the flavor as if salt and pepper.

Suddenly, “Come on Alvida our country needs us.  Into the Undercover Car we must stop Anarchy.”

max's car
The Undercover Car

Saddness fills Alvida’s eyes as she is yanked from her Cedar Plank Salmon and the romantic setting on the Willamette River and thrust into the Undercover Car to give chase to the M.A.X. train agents of Anarchy now have under control.

Anarchy seized the train at Union Station, Max caught up with them at SW Pine and SW Oak in downtown Portland, and, at a rip roaring speed of 15mph, gives chase.  A side window glass shatters as Anarchy agents fire at Max, Max returns fire; oddly, pedestrians along the route don’t duck for cover instead they stop and in technology salute arms extend and cell phones record the passing action as bullets whizz pass them smashing into red brick buildings behind.  Alvida is more concerned with the cameras.  Rolling down the window she purses her lips blowing kisses and showing cleavage.

The Undercover Car is gaining Max taps the breaks as people crowd into the street, M.A.X. gets ahead then the Undercover Car, the Undercover Car, then M.A.X., then just as the train and the Undercover Car pass Pioneer Square Max turns hard left in front of the train and braces for impact.

The train halts centimeters away from the Undercover Car. Turning to Alvida, “Whew that was close,”   She heard nor saw Max as the cameras where still rolling more now than when the chase began.  Now the agents of Madness Management that Chief called in swarm over the train secure the Nevooseargeery plans and once again save the world from Anarchy.

By jimberly

I enjoy photography, writing, walking, nature, reading, and of course the coooolest game on earth HOCKEY! I took up photography in 9th grade and seeing the world in a different light wanting to, of course, photograph everything, unfortunately not everything comes out the way I'd like.


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