Yet another merit badge

Mrs Williamsonvich notices Maxwell’s new look, “Spiked hair Maxwell, are you reverting back to yesteryear already you’re only 58 years old.”

“I’m fit as a fiddle the hair was part of an elaborate disguise as I Maxwell Kard, Kard with a ‘K’ not a ‘C,’ just cracked The Spiked Hair caper.  Let me tell you it was not easy,” Maxwell explains full of himself.

Mrs. Williamsonvich cuts in,”Well I’ll be that makes two in the past two months.  Dust off another merit badge.”   (see: Max earns the Merit Badge)

Without missing a beat Maxwell goes on, “My interest peaked after Chief filled me in on the case using the Car of Silence.  We don’t want ‘them’ catching wind don’t ya know.”

“Oh heavens to Betsy no,” a quick Mrs. Williamsonvich responds.

“Please Mrs. W let me continue.”

Head tilts, arms extend, palms flap upward as if bowing, “Go ahead.”

Without missing a beat, “Thank you. As I was saying the Car of Silence was chosen for the briefing but was not working up to snuff too loud, you know the muffler system.”

Always quick to respond Mrs. W, “Yes” it is designed to be loud so no one can hear the conversation.”

“Correct,” Maxwell fires back then continues, “Well, the noise was louder than it should be, unbearable.”

Mrs. Williamsonvich’s intentional reply, “How a, how unbearable was it.”

Maxwell falls into Mrs W’s trap, “It is so unbearable two marching bands playing the same tune trying to be louder than the other is more enjoyable.”

Maxwell realizing Mrs. Williamsonvich’s gag stares her down, “Please this no time for jokes.  Where was I oh yes that muffler on the Car of Silence was so loud that Chief and I could not hear the other just inches away.  I kept telling Chief, ‘Get the Hanson twins to repair it but nnnooo something about budgets, if i told him once I told him a thou…”

Mrs. Williamsonvich rolling her eyes cuts in, “Ahem Maxwell.”

“Sorry about that it just gets the giddy biscuit when…”


“As I was trying to say the Car of Silence idea was dropped and we took to walking the street.  Numerous banks in the D.C. area reported a gang of four, tall men with spiked hair, well three one of them one was bald and short, walk in and demand money reportedly getting away with millions.  Well, due to my diligent training and this wonderful disguise I was able to track them down in Central Oregon heading towards Bend when I found out they had stopped at a rest area near the Crooked River.”

max's car
the undercover car

Mrs. Williamsonvich is captivated but she had nothing better to do, Maxwell continues, “Pulling into the Peter Skene Ogden State Park;  did you know Mrs. W that this is the same man that Ogden, Uath is named for?”

Mrs. Williamsonvich nonchalantly answers, “You dont say, please go on.”

Using my trusty undercover car they never saw me coming until it was too late.  Monetarily pausing to reflect on the many dogs that

have jumped over the side to pending doom, I chased them around the park on foot before heading out across the Crooked River Bridge, the original one that is, when all of a sudden my vertigo kicks in.

crooked river bridge vertigo
crooked river bridge

Momentarily confused I was able to regain my wits and had the three spiked haired men and the one bald headed individual on the ground, in custody, securely handcuffed.”

Maxwell feeling a bit dizzy after reliving the chase regains composure, “You know Mrs. Williamsonvich I like the spike hair effect so well I am going to keep if for awhile.  What do you think?”

Mrs. Williamsonvich studies Maxwell from spiked hair, blue suit with matching vest, pants to the black, pointy shoes, “So you are trying to keep that youthful vigor, eh?”

Maxwell’s final thoughts, “And enjoying it!”





By jimberly

I enjoy photography, writing, walking, nature, reading, and of course the coooolest game on earth HOCKEY! I took up photography in 9th grade and seeing the world in a different light wanting to, of course, photograph everything, unfortunately not everything comes out the way I'd like.

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