greatly miniaturized reproductions have been recorded

The following has been, courteously, translated into English:

Angelica had just fooled S.C. Finland’s top agent, he will not be aware of the blunder until she is well on her way home, to Sweden. Angelica had no time to loose, no time to relish in victory  she must get the microfilm to government officials. Conveniently parked at the airport her 1967 sky blue convertible Chevrolet Camaro and now heading out of Helsinki on route E18 her destination the seaside city of Turku there the car ferry across the Baltic Sea and to Stockholm.

It will take two hours so Angelica Blondell pushed the Camaro to the speed limit top down allowing the warm Finnish summer to engulf her as the countryside passes by. Staying to the speed limit she felt the power of the 350 v-8 engine cranking a modest 325 hp and as tempting as it is to let fly she resists not wanting to draw attention, she did not want to risk loosing the microfilm.  Sparkling blue eyes and a smile stretching across Angelica’s face reflect the successful mission and for the first time in weeks she was at ease, relaxed watching farmland drift by, birch trees, a lake here and there.  Her thoughts, carried on the breeze that blew through her long blonde hair, drifted back to childhood days living on a relative’s farm on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  Late into the 19th century Finns migrated to the region escaping troubled times choosing the Upper Peninsula for their new home, the climate and geography similar.

The signpost up ahead Turku 10km snapped Angelica back from memory lane; checking the dashboard clock she has plenty of time to catch Finnlines ferry and make her destination in Stockholm.  Crossing the Baltic Sea goes uneventful and ten hours later she drove the Camaro off the ferry and headed straight to Sweden Secret Service with the watch and microfilm secure in a false bottom of her purse.

Arriving at headquarters she scurried right to the Chief’s office carefully removing the film and placing it into the filter  thus beginning the decoding process.  As they wait a good chuckle ishad as Angelica briefs Chief on how she duped S.C. by sitting in the wrong seat and how nervous she was about flying.  “It was too easy he rested his hand on mine, the one with the watch and microfilm, I place the other hand over his selling the good will and comfort then while I distract him by crying the watch came off easy.  I only wish I where there to see his expression when he realized the watch gone.  Will he think it fell off, left it somewhere, or…”

Chief interrupts,”Oh there goes the buzzer, the decoding is done now we can see just what those Finns are up too, eh.”

“Well I’ll be a Santa’s reindeer, look Chief,”Angelica says as she picks up her jaw off the ground.

“Holly Maypoles is this that what I think it is,” Chief questions.

“How can we keep up with the Finns when they have something so powerful, desirable, something the people have no problem funding,” Chief continues.

 Angelica, thumb motioning upwards ” I hear ya Chief what will they think upstairs?  Will they want to compete, spend the money on something so outrageous”

For there before them on the flat screen monitor a picture with angles and circles, notations across the bottom and top, materials to use, lengths, and right next to, well Chief said it best, “It is a floating two story sauna with a diving tower and slide!  Look, look there hanging from one side two hammocks!  Wait a minute four pontoons along the bottom, an outboard motor, refrigerator, a wood burning stove.  Holy Lapland they will never go for this too spending and besides the Swedes are not really into sauna, are they.”

floating sauna
the floating sauna with diving tower and two red hammocks on the left hand side.

By jimberly

I enjoy photography, writing, walking, nature, reading, and of course the coooolest game on earth HOCKEY! I took up photography in 9th grade and seeing the world in a different light wanting to, of course, photograph everything, unfortunately not everything comes out the way I'd like.


  1. Lol… this is awesome! I love it! ❤. (I am so easy to set up!) It made me laugh out loud.
    Inspiring too … hhhmmm….


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