nature never surrenders

life can be wonderful at times.  from the hotel i am staying at in redmond, oregon (merchandising job at local grocery) a simple swivel of the desk chair and my eyes expand like that of a child seeing the christmas tree lite up in sparkling wonder.

there beyond the dumpster full of reclaimed drywall, baseboards, and carpeting, beyond the rv dealership just off of busy highway 97, and beyond the commercial establishments, just above their rooftops snow-capped mountains rise.

north sister, south sister, broken top, and mt bachelor of the cascade mountain range dividing the forested green valleys and hills of western oregon from the skiing, sagebrush filled cattle country of eastern oregon.  snow pilled high in the hotel parking lot and that on the mountains make all that is in-between, the sometimes drudgery of life, easier to swallow.


Good Day!

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