Michigan State 34 Ohio State 24

Well Yeah!!!  The Spartans did what the Wolverines came within a couple of inches of doing:  bring down the Buckeyes and national championship hopes.  With the loss they wont be playing in the Big Game but will play in some bowl game as they are way too many but more importantly Michigan State will play in the granddaddy of them all:  The Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California.   The last time State played here was a way back in 1988 and won 20-17 over USC something the Wolverines have rare claim of.

Coming from Michigan I grew up wishing to go to the Rose Parade and The Game both of these coming true a way back there in the 80’s and 1993, respectively, as I resided in the Southern California seaside town of Ventura.  The 1988 Rose Parade, the 88th year of it’s running, was especially fun as it the second venture to Pasadena with friends arriving on News Years Eve evening where hundreds of parade goers roped off areas well entrenched with their lawn chairs, sleeping bags, and used mattresses.  Like us they bundled up in warm clothes and close to each other as even though a California winter is nowhere near the severity of the Midwest it is cold.  On this night the temperature sank to near 30 degrees.

The night before is the time to be there and what better place to ring the new year, the parade is the climax.

After a semi-warm sleep in the back of a friends covered truck the three of us bounded up and out onto sun drenched Colorado Blvd at about six in the morning looking for eats and hot coffee two hours before the first float left the starting gate about one and half miles from our position.  We had ample time to fuel up and find viewing spots along the five-mile route so off we went into the masses checking out the crowd and  just a few minutes into our trek down Colorado a part of the crowd checked us out, a group of four Michigan State fans, stopping and after checking out the cap I wore spoke with some distaste, “You are wearing the wrong hat.”  I came prepared to show off Michigan regardless of the paraphernalia, or team, so the reference was to the Michigan Wolverine hat I proudly wore.  Without hesitation and an ear to ear smile (I was happy to be at such an event a well-behaved five-mile long block party) I opened my jacket and despite the chill that consumed proudly displayed a jersey that read MICHIGAN STATE across the top.  Not that I cared for I loved being in enemy territory and rooting for Michigan, but that person’s loathsome remark towards that other university in Ann Arbor received a severe set back at that moment and the three of us continued down the boulevard  in the warming sunshine in search of a parade.

Go Michigan State I wont be in Pasadena in January but I know you’ll bring home the trophy!


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