Lunacy Tonite, eh?

Under a full moon Detroit steps onto the ice Colorado already there fans, both Redwing and Avalanche, sense a renewal of a physical rivalry.  Then the puck goes the ice SCORE!  Some say, “God is on our side”  well this evening the moon was on ours pulling two pucks into the Colorado net then in ours,  Yeah Man.

Interesting note, the last two times Colorado won the STANLEY CUP Detroit was there the next season to dethrone these guys and win the CUP themselves and how appropriate is that the Redwings are there in Colorado on THEIR ice to hand them their first lost of the season! Yeah Baby!!!  We only see the Avalanche once more this season before the playoffs and there could actually be a Cup Final between us and them, would that not be exciting!Hockeytown_12WPiconHockeytown_12WPicon

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