The Stanley Cup Finals final

Hockeytown_12WPiconCongrats to Chicago for winning The Cup all season you came from behind to win in the final minutes so I think it most appropriate that the championship be won in the same way.  Just wait until next year even though teams are being realigned maybe Chicago and Detroit in the finals, eh?  It could happen, eh?

Before the game last night I was over there on watching a live feed from NHLNETWORK when what should I spy but a link to NBC feed of the game, live.  Now I do get NBC on my cable  and could have been content watching it there but curiosity got the better of me so the link got clicked and found two ways in which I can watch.  The first is the real-time feed with color commentary and replays, replays, replays, even more replays that, along with the announcer trying to find something to say makes one reach for the volume control on the TV and stereo.   The second method is how fans at the game see and feel the game, with no announcer, sadly there are commercials.  But this view is so cool because when a goal is scored, like Boston’s first, the fans erupt, cheer, players congratulate then go right to the faceoff, usually this part is where the many different angles of the goal are shown and dissected on the regular feed, the only replay is that on the big board but only the fans and players see that.  I like this view gives me a whole new perspective on the action almost as if riding piggyback on a player’s shoulder and if a penalty called the arena announcer will tell the fans at the game or home watching

The camera used is the one you can see attached to the glass and operated from a remote location, the movement is a bit wobbly and not sharp though but it does broadcast some cool shots of the penalty box and the crazy fans that sit near by.  However there is the live feed that can be switched to if preferred; I will remember this in October to watch in this way as my attention goes to the play not hanging on what the TV announcer has to not say.

So again congratulations Chicago on the win and I am already missing the adrenaline.

By jimberly

I enjoy photography, writing, walking, nature, reading, and of course the coooolest game on earth HOCKEY! I took up photography in 9th grade and seeing the world in a different light wanting to, of course, photograph everything, unfortunately not everything comes out the way I'd like.


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