biking weather

So, here in the Pacific Northwest we got a day of warmth and sunshine that put me into a biking mode and the need to burn off a weeks worth of work energy.  Getting the urban mountain bikepalmsandbike down from its winter storage in the rafters, I dusted off the frame carefully, splashed lubricating oil on the chain, inflated both tires to 40 psi and prepare for a couple of hours of riding nirvana.  Bike gloves snug on hands, check, helmet on and properly adjusted, check sun glasses on, check out the back gate into the park city here I come!!!

It has been way too long since enjoying pedal power through the neighborhood, many years ago I could not be torn away from one as, when living in Eugene, Oregon hopped on the old ten speed and headed out into the urban brush ending up miles from home in farmland surrounded by horses, barbed wire fencing, horses, more fencing, and two lane roadways all to myself.  One such adventure took to me to the town of Dexter, Oregon a mere 20 mile, 23 minutes drive to get there but I took a bike, a full belly, and pocket change and coasted through spectacular countryside in no hurry at all.  My goal was the Dexter Dam which created Dexter Lake from Lookout Point Lake which is created from a river I know not the name.  After gliding through and taking in the beauty I stopped in a local grocery, something like 7-11 but without the robberies, and walking across the planked flooring full of spike indentations from loggers (this was a way back in 1980 and I have not returned since so no idea if this store remains in this way) to the cooler I reach for a Pepsi (the choice ingrained in me on family vacations in northern Michigan) and a candy bar.  In those days I didn’t know about the right kind of fuel needed and needlesstosay when I got back to Eugene the blood-sugar was low.

This thought of past biking and many others such as riding through and around the outskirts of San Bernardino, California on one of these I stopped at an overlook know as Little Mountain to rest and as I restored a Southern Pacific freight train passed  along straight track in the distance.  True freedom even if momentarily!  Others I recall where in Ventura, California but as I passed through Vancouver yesterday I could not help but enjoy the Urban Silence owing to the fact that it was hot and sunny (this doesn’t happen until after the Fourth of July here) and most of the neighborhood either hid inside not knowing how to deal with the sudden sun or out in parks or heading toward the coast two hours to the west.  Whatever it was  the silence was great.

My ride lasted two hours and instead of a bike journey a trip around the neighborhood rejuvenated me just as well passing many places that are just a blur when driving.  Remarkably, today I am not sore which usually happens after missing certain types of exercise too long.  Oh well I look to many more days of just this.

Hinterland update:   Part 6 Atlantic Mine is due out on blog bookshelves soon, my apologies for taking so long and I appreciate everyone’s patience.

Ta Ta for now

By jimberly

I enjoy photography, writing, walking, nature, reading, and of course the coooolest game on earth HOCKEY! I took up photography in 9th grade and seeing the world in a different light wanting to, of course, photograph everything, unfortunately not everything comes out the way I'd like.

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