now the fun really begins! it’s the CUP, eh?

the last team mike babcock coached was the anaheim ducks and at that time he and the ducks dethroned the detroit redwings in the first round, now mr babcock is the coach of the wings and has dethroned the ducks.  by the way the ducks that year, 2003, was the underdog and made the finals only to loose to the new jersey devils in 7. what does it all mean? i dont know!Hockeytown_12WPicon

4 responses to “now the fun really begins! it’s the CUP, eh?”

  1. Yes, but Scotty Bowman now owns the Blackhawks.


    1. yes scotty may own them financially but we wingnuts own them on the ice! we played the blackhawks tough in regular season but they had just a little bit more mooph on the frozen biscuit however, we have entered the twlight zone, the signpost uphead…


      1. Oh, my bad, Scotty’s not the actual owner, he’s “Senior Advisor of Hockey Operations”. Close enough. 😉


        1. too close and the hawks show it


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