A Tribute to a Fun Guy

With Smokey Joe at my feet and expecting every time I stand up he is going for a walk I thumb through Vintage LA website and come across an old friend, Huell Howser.  Now I do not know him personally but from his Videolog series and Calgold series on PBS station  KCET in Southern California when I resided there from 1982 to 1997 I became one of his many fans.  I had forgotten about this show now that I am in the Pacific Northwest but while on the Vintage LA site I found out that Huell passed away in January of this year leaving me empty.  While on the website I located a link to KCET.ORG  and tuned in on a few of the programs and remembered why I loved watching his show as he took obscure people and places and made them exciting and interesting to the public.  I just finished watching a show he did on the UC Davis campus in Northern California and what I may consider everyday happenings on a  campus his personality and love for what he does keep me glued to the screen.  I have bookmark the page so on those days when the world is imploding I have a place to ride and hide albeit for only a short time.  Huell you are missed.

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