Muscle aching, landscaping, tree trimming, moss removing yard work

Today, here in Camas, Washington the weather 60 degrees which is warm for this time of year and naturally since spring is just around the corner what better time than now get outside and scratch the soil, eh?  So, after my morning walk consisting of myself, our pug Smokey Joe, and 30 minutes around the neighborhood I cracked open the shed and extracted  one hand pruner, one hand-held, extendable lopper for those thicker branches, one 14’ telescoping tree pruner, and one square shovel.  Along with this one trashcan to put all the debris in and all of this performed under the watchful eyes of one pug as he sits on his chair on the patio.

Leaping right in, after fortified with coffee, I grab the tree pruner and start here as this is will take more time and it looks like a street map for a metropolitan city as branches grow up, out to the sides, and over other shoots.  At first it proves difficult to maneuver the pruner through the mangled mess of branches and a few times I curse, under my of course as there are children in the area, but within the hour branches of all sizes dropped to ground and are moved aside so I don’t trip and curse even more.  As the trim progresses I step back a few times to make sure the end results aren’t lopsided, so far so good.

Stopping for a break and a coffee refill, my neighbor stops and we exchange pleasant conversion about both houses and their leaking problems due to poor workmanship when constructed.  After 15 minutes we bid adieu and I head back to the tree which at this time looks like someone who once had long hair and sports a shorter look.  Walking around it just so that all looks ok I now begin tedious task of fitting a pile of twisted, dead, moss encrusted tree limbs of all sizes and thicknesses into the yard debris that holds 32 gallons.  Always up to the challenge and taking the hand size pruner into hand of course I start to cut the size of each branch and periodically compact these into the trash can with a the small square shovel giving me even more room for what is yet to be done.

By now the arms and back ache for one because yesterday I went to the gym to resume my routine after missing one week because of a cold and the compacting with the shovel certainly didn’t help but onward and upward I go.  With the pile of branches now securely in the can I attack the easy part raking up, with one small hand rake, moss from atop the soil in the garden that is common here in the Pacific Northwest.  This doesn’t take long but time is added as I clean moss off the tree trunk and one medium-sized bush that is assaulted by the stuff from the ground and up its trunk about midway.  All of this is arranged into four neat piles and which are then scooped and tossed into the can which by now is full to the brim!  Next trash day is going to be a bear hauling this to the street.

Taking a moment I step back to the patio and survey the landscape and am happy with the results, I check with Smokey Joe as to his thoughts but he is more concerned with the other dog walking by in the park and ignores me.  So much for a second opinion, eh?  Before I can call this morning project complete one more task is necessary and that is to clean the portion of the patio that leads to the back door.  Procuring the one garden hose I turn on the water and saturate the area then with one bottle of 30 Second Cleaner I add some to the water move it around with a broom, wait 30 seconds then rinse, repeat if necessary but this time no need to!

With all of this now done, yeah, I remove my work boots and head inside and crack open a cold one and a fortifying sandwhich, then


notice Smokey Joe sniffing around some the freshly turned soil finally giving his approval and off to shower and relax knowing, with great satisfaction, that my yard is llloookkking gggoooddd

By jimberly

I enjoy photography, writing, walking, nature, reading, and of course the coooolest game on earth HOCKEY! I took up photography in 9th grade and seeing the world in a different light wanting to, of course, photograph everything, unfortunately not everything comes out the way I'd like.

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